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Indigenous African Metallurgy: Nature and Culture
By S. Terry Childs and David Killick
Metals and Power at Great Zimbabwe
By Eugenia W. Herbert
Style, Technology, and Iron Smelting Furnaces in Bantu-Speaking Africa
By S. Terry Childs


Ancient Metallurgical Traditions and Connections Around the Caput Adriae
By A. Giumlia-Mair
The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems
By William Thomas & Kate Pavitt
Cult, Context and Copper: A Cypriot Perspective on the Unexplored Mansion at Knossos
By Louise A. Hitchcock
The Heart of Steel: A Metallurgical Interpretation of Iron in Homer
by Ruth Russo
The Paradox of the Planetary Metals
By Yannis Almirantis
Pherekydes’ Daktyloi: Ritual, technology, and the Presocratic Perspective
By Sandra Blakely
The Return of Hephaistos: Reconstructing the Fragmented Mythos of the Maker
By Cheryl De Ciantis
The Significance of Metallurgy
By Rene Guenon
Smith and Death – Cremations in Furnaces in Bronze and Iron Age Scandinavia
By Joakim Goldhahn and Terje Oestigaard


Indian hieroglyphs, archaeo-metallurgy and Meluhha
Metallurgy and Immortality at Candi Sukuh, Central Java
By Stanley J. O’Connor
Metallurgy and Traditional Metal Crafts in Tamil Nadu
By Vijaya Ramaswamy
Rigveda and Sarasvati-Sindhu Civilization
By Dr. S. Kalyanaraman


China’s Ancient Gold Drugs
By Zhao Huaizhi and Ning Yuantao
History of Cinnabar as Drug, The Natural Substance and The Synthetic Product
By S. Mahdihassan


Alchemically Purified and Solidified Mercury
By Petri Murien
An Experiment in Alchemy: Copper to Silver to Gold
By David A. Katz
Antimony in Alchemy
A Form and Method of Perfecting Base Metals
By Petrus Bonus
Metallographia, or An History of Metals
By John Webster
Metallography and Microstructure of Ancient and Historic Metals
By David A. Scott
Metallurgic Chymistry
By C.E. Gellert
Historical aspects on mystics and metaphysics of metals
BY J.A. Perez-Bustamante De Monasterio
Splendor Solis: Alchemical Treatises of Solomon Trismosin
By J.K.
Treatise on Gold
By Joannes Agricolae P. & M. D.

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