SacredMetallurgy.com is a unique, independent resource for the study of sacred metallurgy. Subjects range from alchemy to blacksmiths to mining and ethnometallurgical folklore to archeometallurgy. We present explorations of the relationships between the plant and mineral kingdoms as expressed in various shamanic, spiritual and religious contexts from the Old World to the New. We will study prototypical metallurgical sacred guilds from Ancient China to Indo-European smiths and Tantric, Daoist, Islamic and Christian alchemists to the alchemy of the ancient Celts. We hope to encourage this neglected field, and to find the remnants of the Tradition and to flush out interested parties to contribute.

CYRANO: Oh, yes? But what would I have to do for it? Seek a patron to support me and protect me? Be like the wretched ivy that clings around a big tree and creeps upward not by its own strength but by trickery? No, thank you! Dedicate poems to bankers, like other poets have done? Act like a cringing fool just for the hope of seeing a condescending smile on a patron’s lips? Thank you, but no! Learn to swallow insults every day? Scrape my knees raw from kneeling and bend my back till it breaks from bowing? No, thank you! Or be two-faced and sly, running with the hare while at the same time hunting with the hounds? Learn the cheap art of flattering people so that they may praise me? Step on people to make my way ahead? Navigate the sea of life with madrigals for sails, blown gently windward by old ladies’ sighs? Thank you, but no! Bribe kindly editors to print my poetry? Aspire to be elected pope of tavern councils held by drunken idiots? Work my whole life to bank my reputation on one famous sonnet instead of writing hundreds? Be terrorized by all the papers, thinking such things as, “Oh, if only the Mercury would give me a kind review!” Grow pale and fearful and scheming? Prefer to make visits instead of poems? Seek introductions to the right people, sign the right petitions? No! No! And no again! But sing? And dream and laugh? Yes! Go freely, wherever I please, with eyes that look straight forward and with a fearless voice! To wear my hat just the way I choose! To decide for myself in any situation whether to fight a duel or to recite a poem! To work without one thought of fortune or fame, and to realize that journey to the moon! Never to write a line that has not sprung straight from my heart. To be modest. To be content with every flower, fruit or even leaf—but pluck them from my own garden and no one else’s! And then, if glory ever does by chance come my way, I’ll pay no tribute to Caesar, because the merit will be my own. In short, I will never be like that wretched ivy. Whether I rise very high or not, I am content because I climb alone!

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